The Spirit in the Synapse: Neuroscience & Religion - October 22nd

The Blackstone Seminar for Science, Theology, Ethics and Ministry is holding The Spirit in the Synapse: Neuroscience & Religion on October 22, 2012.  

"There are some cognitive scientists today who argue that God is a figment of our imagination; that God, and by extension, religion, were created by brain structures to serve an evolutionary purpose. Because we understand how the brain created religion, we can now give religion up as an unnecessary vestige of our primordial past. This presentation explores this perspective and argues that another interpretation is possible. Looking at the evidence that brain scans, cognitive science, and evolutionary biology offer, we might find that our brains have developed in order that we might grasp the reality of God in the world and in our lives.  Come and join us for faithful fellowship, dialogue, and discovery…"

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