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Tommy and Eddie hold a brainstorm session with an elite team to come up with a new way to make the Bible more exciting.

How do you prepare for your role in your church’s living nativity scene?  Check out how The Skit Guys do it!

A hilarious and heartwarming mockumentary that tells the story of an actor performing in a living nativity who takes his role way too seriously.

Have you tried the “In your face method” of witnessing? Or maybe you’ve given a “Mucua” to someone…This is a funny and informative look at some of the ways we bumble through witnessing to others and how in the end, all we need to do is get real.

We know a few teens who feel this way every year!  It’s almost time to start the school year begins… are you ready?

We know a few teens who feel this way every year!  It’s almost time to start the school year begins… are you ready?

Why is it that everyone always wants Chick-fil-a on Sundays?! Family friendly comedian, Tim Hawkins, brings us a song tribute to his favorite fast food chain.

Awkward Invites: Cat Funeral by The Skit Guys."Any time is a good time to invite your neighbor to church…unless it’s while he’s burying his cat."

We asked two of our active youth church members to help us out with an upcoming Stewardship video… this is what happened….

Skit Guys - Little Billy: Zacchaeus:  “In a conversation between Little Billy and his Sunday School teacher, Little Billy swerves from underwear to Zacchaeus to sick trees. And through it all Little Billy learns about God’s crazy love and Grace. And strangers.”

We Can Talk: Parenting 101: ”Looking for a way to get parents talking? With humor and poignant insight, the Skit Guys open the hearts and minds of parents in this ice-breaker video. The video works great in small groups, parenting classes, seminars or any other parent gathering.”

Gossip: "This comedy about the inappropriate use of prayer requests stars Kate Flannery (The Office), Victoria Jackson (Saturday Night Live), and Beth Grant (No Country for Old Men) as women in a prayer group who tear down their fellow church members through gossip."

We think maybe the Skit Guys are a smidge-bit more entertaining in their plea for VBS volunteers… so we’re using their talent for our cause!  If you’re interested in helping out with Vacation Bible School or KAMP (Kids and Mission Projects), you can find out more here.

Cell Phones in Church: No one likes it when a phone goes off during worship… especially during moments of silence or prayer.  But… let’s be honest, we’ve all had embarrassing cell-phone mishaps.  What do you think of this CA church’s approach to a “light-hearted” way of asking folks to turn off their phones during worship?

Daily silliness brought to you by newsweek:


dramatic animals being dramatic

These guys really put us in our place.

The Rabbit and the Resurrection: A shopping mall Easter Bunny gets reminded about the real meaning of Easter.

Soooo… What is Palm Sunday, Anyway? As only the Skit Guys can, watch this funny but meaningful video explaining why, as Christians, we celebrate Palm Sunday.

What is Palm Sunday? The Skit Guys explain the history and significance of Palm Sunday as only they can. Get your church prepared to celebrate Holy Week!